Established in 2003

The Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights, Ghana (CEPEHRG) is a leading national NGO working to ensure Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Services for key populations, especially men who have sex with men in Ghana. CEPEHRG has championed advocacy for the Rights and Health of LGBT person since 1998, leading to its winning of the Red Ribbon Award from the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP).


CEPEHRG envisions a liberal society that provides friendly, sexual and reproductive health rights services for all persons regardless of sexual orientation, age, tribe or religion.


Our mission is to improve and expand the provision of Human Rights and HIV and AIDS services for sexual minorities through information sharing, education and empowerment


Human Rights

To create human rights awareness among the general population and minority groups in Ghana, as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of Ghana.

Democracy and Good Governance

To create awareness on people’s civic-political rights and responsibility, to promote the understanding of the rule of law, democracy, good governance and the legal protection of human rights.

Gender Sensitization

To eliminate sexism, to create social sensitivity and equality within society on gender roles


To work with governmental agencies and civil society organizations to abolish harmful social and cultural traditional practices that infringe on the human rights of all people, such as children, women, and marginalized populations


To create awareness on HIV and AIDS prevention among the general population and key populations.


There exist a strong team of M&E personnel at CEPEHRG with expertise in project monitoring and evaluation for over 5 years. The team operates within CEPEHRG’s M&E plan to track the performance of indicators of the various projects under programmes, whiles providing guidelines for data collection, processing and analyzing at all levels