Below are the volunteer positions available with CEPEHRG. If you are interested in volunteering with us or for more information on any of the placements, please contact CEPEHRG with any questions.


Project CARE

In partnership with Brothers and Sisters in the developed world brings clothes, shoes and others to be distributed to people living in small towns and villages in the central region and recently to Northern region of Ghana. This Project seeks to put smiles on the faces of young people who needs just a little to make it to school or to church on Sunday. Putting smiles on faces is what we should all strive for in future we have are at the advantage position. Young people who received some gifts last year still smiles and pray for the people who did support them daily when they see these gifts.


Sisters of the Heart Programs

Volunteers provide HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction/prevention information to those women most at risk and build women’s capacity in selected communities in Ghana. Volunteers are needed to facilitate safer sex parties, community events or outreaches, conduct workshops at schools, universities and civic groups and distribute condoms at special events.


Community Interactive Theatre Training/ Rehearsal/ Performance

CEPEHRG is looking for actors and directors with experience in interactive theatre as an educational tool. Our interactive theatre focuses on issues such as gender equality, HIV awareness, poverty reduction, sex and sexuality, Human Rights education and development.


MSM Peer Outreach

Volunteers provide education and support to men most at risk related to increasing knowledge about HIV/AIDS, personal risk assessment, adopting and maintaining safer sexual practices, facilitating workshops, club outreach and special events. Other activities include promotion of proper and consistent use of condom and lubricating gel among the most at risk population and their partners, referrals to friendly counseling and testing centers and also organization of community outreaches with medical persons.


Medical Professionals

Volunteers will be involved in STI diagnosis and treatment for young people and marginalized target populations. Must have some experience in working with Most-At-Risk groups such as sex workers or MSM. A senior health nurse or medical doctor would be suitable for this position. We also encourage Medical Professionals to volunteer at our drop-in-centre which takes care of STI/HIV/AIDS and other related cases for MSMs and young people in particular. Our drop-in centre currently runs one day a week at our location in Teshie.


Administrative Assistant

Writing of minutes, reports, secretarial work and also planning the day-to-day affairs of the office. The ideal candidate will also help with fundraising plans and projects of the general Office Management.


HIV/AIDS Counselors

Providing HIV/AIDS counselling for young people and the marginalized target groups in selected communities in Ghana. Counselors would also aid in providing and promoting condoms and water-base lubricants, and also the value of abstinence and faithfulness among marriage partners.


Fund Raiser

Volunteers involved in our fund raising may be required to help with any of these tasks:

  • Establishing fundraising goals and strategy for every chosen acquisition source.
  • Direct mail, inserts, e-mailing, new media, telephone fundraising, etc.
  • Developing new fundraising activities, some of which can be events-based.
  • Developing and coordinating web-based fundraising, online auctions and merchandise sales.
  • Working with all forms of media, and producing supporting materials such as posters, websites and newsletters to promote, market and advertise forthcoming events.
  • Raising awareness of the charity and its work, at both a local and national/international level – this may involve giving talks to groups or dealing with the media.
  • Increasing funds through researching and targeting charitable trusts whose criteria match the charity’s projects and activities.
  • Building and maintaining profitable, long-term fundraising relationships with donors and potential donors.
  • Managing and updating databases to record donor contact and preference information.
  • Preparing mail-shots and correspondence making risk analyses and balancing time-cost ratios to focus effort upon the most appropriate fundraising activities with the highest chance of success.
  • Monitoring income and expenditure against budgets and the targets.
  • Preparing reports for both donors and trustees of the charity.


Women’s Health Advocate

Research into health and gender issues of women and help develop interventions programs and help build the capacity of women in the community. Other roles will be project planning and implementation programs for women in selected communities.  Requirements are background in advocacy, education, healthcare or project coordination.


Human Rights Educator/Lawyer

Help develop tools for advocating for young people’s human rights and the rights of the marginalized groups such as women, children, and other minority groups.Will also be involved in the development of targeted programs for selected communities such as women and children.  An experienced Human Rights educator or lawyer will best suit this position. Some working experience will be an advantage.


Behaviour Change Communication Specialist

Develop tools to help in behaviour change communication programs among young people and marginalized groups.

  • Applying BCC skills to solve public health problems in areas such as reproductive health, HIV and AIDS.
  • Managing procurements for research, advertising and promotion services.
  • Developing BCC skills in other staff members.

We are seeking candidates who have:

  • Proven track record designing, implementing and evaluating behavior change strategies in developing country settings using mass media, community level channels and interpersonal communication. Information communication and technology expertise [e.g. handheld devices, web-based channels] preferred.
  • Ability to conduct BCC needs assessments, contract with support agencies such as research companies and advertising agencies, coordinate BCC plans/ strategies with multiple stakeholders .
  • Experience working/living in developing country environments; Africa experience preferred.


Popular Education or Theatre

The volunteer be responsible for the community development tools in selected communities in Ghana. These tools will be used to train and build capacity of community members such as woman, youth and marginalized groups.